Wednesday, January 22, 2014

While I'm on Hiatus...

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Overheard in the Cochran House

Where did all my socks go?
Who ate the last Lara Bar?
How can that be our only roll of toilet paper?
Is there seriously an empty cereal box in the pantry…again?
Why does the light bulb and battery stash keep disappearing?
Didn’t these pants fit Mira last week?
We have peanut butter but no jelly.
We have jelly but no peanut butter.
Can I borrow your deodorant?
Wait a sec…that party I’m throwing is THIS weekend?
Fortunately erranding has become much more tolerable with these sporty little multitaskers* on my feet. Perfect for Target runs and toddler chasing while still appearing a few inches taller. Love!

*Steve Madden Lleve in Taupe Suede
...and yes I wish these were my legs

Friday, September 21, 2012

Market Week

Let’s review it in numbers this time…

5: Number of blocks I braved the Herald Square tourist mobs mid-monsoon just to find myself a treat at Ruby & Jenna. Totally worth it! (See #2)

4: Number of obnoxious/expensive designer boot pairs I played with at the new Piperlime store in Soho. The super nice associate let me mill around in all of them just for the fun of it.

3: Number of consecutive days eating pizza. Walking around all day makes me hungry! How the people up here stay so skinny with slices available every 50 feet is beyond my comprehension.

2:  Number of coats purchased for the upcoming fall season in which I doubt I’ll even need a coat. But they were just so special! The first was a sleeveless tweed and faux leather combo with military buttons. And the second was a darling zig-zaggy textured cape that will give me the perfect reason to wear some cozy arm warmers. Mother Nature, please oh please put a chill in the air!

1: Number of decisions made on what to serve at our annual Halloween fundraising party. I enjoyed the most delicious vodka/blackberry/basil concoction at the airport (of all places!) and have deemed it the perfect spooky-but-fabulous cocktail. The dark muddled berries are so vampy!

0: Number of times the workout clothes made it out of the suitcase despite my shameless pizza bender. Groan.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Go Team!

Here we all are…fresh and clean before the Mud Crusade last Saturday. We climbed, jumped, crawled, and ran through quite the assortment of sludgy obstacles…but I have to say I am most impressed by how we managed to pose for this picture and all have our eyes closed. Was it really that sunny? I honestly can’t remember. Russ and I made the mistake of staying up way too late the night before watching back to back to back episodes of The Walking Dead. I slept horribly due to some seriously realistic zombie nightmares. And then there was that random fire alarm emergency in our building at 4 a.m. that required everyone go outside in their pajamas for fear of going deaf. Obviously some of us were not in prime form to be scaling walls just a few hours later. Nonetheless, we powered through and rewarded ourselves with alcohol and lots of tacos right after. And a long nap of course.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Office Eye Candy 9.11.12

This best-selling dress has the coolest geometrics.

The fabric finalists for some perfectly pleated skirts.

Haven't you heard???...this year it's all about color.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Because She's Awesome

Favor please! Click on the link below and scroll down until you see my sister Kajal's blog (Shamu the Goldfish). Then vote! Every day for the next few! She is the coolest NYC mom I know.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oops!...I Did it Again

I swear I never do it on purpose. I am sooooo NOT that girl who’s into mother/daughter copycat outfits. But wait a minute…am I? Now that I think about it, I can easily list a bunch of things both Mira and I have in our closets. Electric blue pants? Check. Military blazer? Check. Ditsy print floral maxi dress? Check. And the list goes on. See below for our newest addition. Two pairs of navy buttoned-up booties*, bought a month apart, with no realization of my unconscious need to have a mini me. Groan. Perhaps I should just enjoy how excited M will be to see that we have something in common. Lord knows that will freak her out when she starts to get older…

*Rachel Zoe Bella Bootie

*babyGap Button Suede Boot

Friday, August 31, 2012

August in Review

LISTENING TO…Old Crow Medicine Show and Emeli Sande.

WATCHING…the Olympics and its pop culture aftermath. Everything from Ryan Lochte's pool peeing to McKayla Maroney's memes.

READING…a fat stack of September issues. One day I will geek out and download them all on a Kindle. But it is so much more fun to old school it, and rip out the best pages for collaging at the office.

EATING…Zoe's Kitchen. The Tabouli Salad and Veggie Pita Pizza are easy and yummy enough to copy and make on my own. But it is still a frequent lunch stop since they also make chocolate chip cookies that are the size of my face. (A skill clearly too dangerous to master.)

DRINKING...tequila, cava, muddled cucumber, and lime. Mixed up perfectly at The Optimist--my new favorite Westside restaurant. Which also serves corn milk beignet-style hushpuppies...just sayin'.

WEARING…long sleeve pastel printed mini dresses and my rose gold arrow cuff.

USING…Essie Going Incognito. A lovely hunter green.

SHOPPING FOR…wedge sneakers and a super special fall handbag that doesn't break the bank.

LUSTING AFTER…a Madeline Poole manicure. And the five hours of free time it would take to sit still for one.

WONDERING…how Joss Whedon's Shakespeare movie experiment turned out. Either way, I double heart him, so will not be missing his take on Much Ado About Nothing when it releases.

LAUGHING little mimic. I had no idea how much I put my hands on my hips or complained about being tired until Mira started copying me. Oops.

EXCITED ABOUT…September in general. Slated to be one of the most fun months of this year! My calendar is marked up with everything from Music Midtown to the drop date for Kirna Zabete at Target. Plus, when the weather snaps, I can start wearing control top tights again to offset all those aforementioned hushpuppies. Woohoo!

BUMMED THAT…my mom is in California for three months. But very lucky that she stocked our freezer with lots of Indian food, tomato carrot soup, and veggie lasagna before she left. We miss you!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Market Week

Five days this time! But the extended trip was b/c Russ was also going to be in NYC working so we couldn’t help but make a rendezvous of it. Starting Tuesday it was all business…but by Thursday night we got to start our mini vacay way downtown on Stone Street where all the restaurants festively pull their tables out on the cobble road for Euro style dining.  Supposedly Adrienne’s Pizza Bar was the spot to try but since we had both filled that craving the day before, we opted for Mexican instead. Very well played at Mad Dog & Beans for supremely refreshing cucumber margaritas and well…the rest of the evening was a jolly blur after that. Other favorite moments from this week? Listed.

Rineke Dijkstra’s portrait exhibits at the Guggenheim. If you go, don’t miss out on the audio guide that has great commentary from the artist and her portrait subjects.

Cooling off under a shady tree in Central Park. Lounging barefoot in the grass with sparkling water was the perfect break.

Junoon for fancy pants Indian food. Paneer pakoras and masaledar lamb chops. Mmmm mmm.

Brunch with good friends at Noho Star. I should have traded my bellini for one of their sweet and peppery bloody marys…but the mushroom ricotta spinach omelette was perfect.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things That Crossed My Mind While Sprinting Down T Terminal at 7:25 This Morning

$*#@! my flight takes off in 10 minutes!

Does this make up for missing my workout yesterday?

Smart move throwing flip-flops in my bag to trade out the 5-inch wedges…but a sports bra would have been genius.

Just this once could I have gotten a gate that wasn’t at the very end of the line?

Backpacks are a truly underrated accessory. Huge handbag plus computer case does nothing for speed.

There is no way I’m making it through today without two coffees.

Does this mean I’ll actually get to use a Starbucks Treat Receipt for once?

Forget about makeup…did I remember to wear deodorant?

Was that flight attendant serious when he said he didn't think my bag would make it on the plane?

Water. Need water. Dang those biscuits smell good. I hope the flight attendant will let me have peanuts AND pretzels.

I bet my sprinting pace is the equivalent to a leisurely stroll for Usain Bolt.

I have never missed a flight. I am NOT missing this one...
And I didn’t. Here I sit in 33D typing this up after catching my breath. That was a close one.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Office Eye Candy 8.10.12

What makes a normal work day all the more fun? Capturing freeze frames of things that make me smile. Here's my first attempt at sharing...enjoy!

 Everyone should look this cool while texting

We couldn't help but play with the ladies' shoes first

Fall clutch style out...not to be confused with hoarding

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July in Review

LISTENING TO…The Coffee House via XM, until I feel the need to braid everyone's hair, so then quickly switch to my Kimbra Ipod mix.

WATCHING…The Walking Dead. Hands down the coolest show that gets filmed around here and for which I would love to be an extra.

READING…pop culture reported with lots of sarcasm courtesy of The Gloss/Crushable family of blogs.

EATING…freeze dried fruits and vegetables. A crunchy fun way to get all my servings in (or pretend to be an old school astronaut).

DRINKING...Watermelon plus coconut water plus mint plus lime plus ice. Blended.

WEARING…Ikat printed jeans. Skinny neon belts. Jeweled friendship bracelets.

USING…Benefit Badgal kohl pencil. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a LOT. Wish it came in navy.

SHOPPING FOR…faux leather separates. Pencil skirt, pleated skirt, peplum top, and jacket are all on my wish list.

LUSTING AFTER…BCBG's Runway Misa Leather Moto Jacket. I stare at it daily.

WONDERING…why I am so enthralled by the idea of taking the new hatmaking class at Spruill. Because I never wear hats. But I do so love the word milliner.

LAUGHING AT...Ted. Worth a trip to the movie theater.

EXCITED ABOUT…so many good burger joints close to home. Village Burger in Dunwoody is perfect for the classics, custom built with a side of seasoned fries. Cafe Sababa around the corner hits the spot for an exotic lamb on ciabatta burger and baklava for dessert. And Farm Burger (coming soon) to Georgetown Plaza is going to be my new favorite for fancy pants gourmet grass fed patties with all the upscale southern trimmings.

PEEVED THAT…I was planning on taking a break from red meat for awhile. Shucks. Veggie burgers it is.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Work Hazard

It's 105 degrees outside and the last thing I want to buy is a summer dress. Maybe it's because Fall is my favorite season. Maybe it's because I scooped up everything on my warm weather wishlist months ago. Most likely it is because my job makes me want stuff too early. This month at work I picked out all sorts of sparkle and shine so my ladies will have great things to wear for the holidays. Therefore, my mind was only conjuring up all the fun things I want to wear come November (instead of scouring the Independence Day clearance racks) during a mall outing last weekend with the girls. But wait! Just when I thought I couldn't stand the sight of another cork wedge...there she* was. Maybe it was because I was itching to buy something new. Maybe it was because I had a gift card and a coupon. Most likely it was because I am a sucker for a killer t-strap and this shoe's geometric gold and silver mix was like a piece of art deco on my feet. Too perfect to pass up!

*Jessica Simpson Ritta in Gunmetal/Black

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June in Review

LISTENING TO…The Lumineers, Blind Pilot, Sara Watkins, Gavin DeGraw.

WATCHING…Girls. Lena Dunham is on my BFF wish list.

READING…a lot of recipes that I will never make. The pile I have clipped on the fridge is out of control. Don't even ask me about my cookbook situation.

EATING…brunch! New favorite...Empire State South. Don't miss the pimento cheese with bacon marmalade. And a biscuit buttered up with homemade blueberry preserves.

DRINKING...spring water shaken up with a lemon/cucumber/cilantro/mint blend. Plus a touch of honey. Recipe courtesy of my friend Phil at Studio Philisa.

WEARING…hot pink or neon green tribal printed bandages. There was a fight with some scissors that I obviously lost, and the healing process has been rather slow.

USING…a sample tube of Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb. Yes it's for men. But I'm thinking it is better suited for a spritz on my wrists come Fall.

SHOPPING FOR…a dress to take me through the rest of wedding season.

LUSTING AFTER…a blank canvas and a free weekend.

WONDERING…why calamari isn't a staple protein choice on most restaurant salad menus. I always choose it to top my bed of greens instead of chicken/steak/shrimp. It is mmm mmm good.

EXCITED ABOUT…getting a preview of No Doubt's Push and Shove next month.

PEEVED THAT…I had to take my work laptop to the beach. But I will say that writing orders oceanside with a sno-cone hut nearby is not too shabby.